Vacuum Weighing

| Mixer Feeding Systems

| These are systems that allow raw materials stored in various points of the factory in recipe preparation systems to be transported to a single point by vacuum and at the same time to be weighed accurately. They are used for weighing raw materials with a high percentage in the recipe. The additive mixture, which has been previously weighed and prepared, is transported by vacuum to empty these raw materials into the mixer. They are generally positioned on the mixer or extruder where the dosed raw materials will be discharged.

Vacuum Weighing



  • Capability to work with even micronized powders
  • Ability to transfer and weigh from multiple points to a single point
  • Suitability for precise dosing and slow feeding
  • Sequential feeding for multiple mixers using a single blower as an option
  • Optional ATEX design
  • Customizable design in different sizes according to the recipe volume
  • Self-cleaning filter and fully enclosed system
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