Big Bag Filling

  Big Bag Filling Machines

| Big Bag Filling Machine allows powder or granular materials to be filled into big bags with a filling neck. The material can be fed into the filling mouth with many equipment such as slide valve, rotary valve, screw feeder, vacuum cyclone, depending on the application. When the filling process begins, pouring the material into the bag and weighing occur simultaneously. When the filling value entered in the control system is reached, the material flow stops automatically. When the filling process is completed, the hook holders release the hooks, the operator starts the filling conveyor by pressing a button after removing the big bag throat from the filling mouth. The full big bag moves on the conveyor and moves towards the exit conveyor.

Big Bag Filling

  Big Bag Filling Features


Filling Capacity: Varies from 500 kg to 2000 kg per bag.

Feeding Systems: Options may include screw feed, pneumatic conveying or belt feed systems.

Filling Speed: Machines can fill between 5 - 50 bags per hour, depending on the model and material.

Fill Accuracy: Accuracy of ±0.5% or better.

Material Compatibility: Designed for a variety of materials, from fine powders to coarse granules.

Dust Control: Advanced systems are equipped with dust absorption and retention features.

Vibration Systems: Included to help settle material and maximize bag capacity.

Automation: Modern machines have PLC controls, touch screen interfaces and integrated software.

  Installation and Services

Installation and Training: Expert technical support is provided by our team to install and operate Big Bag filling systems. Additionally, training is offered to the personnel to ensure the efficient use of the systems.
Maintenance and Repairs: Periodic maintenance and repair services are available to maintain the seamless operation of the systems. This helps extend the lifespan of the equipment and ensures uninterrupted production.
Spare Parts Supply: Your Big Bag filling system's spare part requirements are met, and any needed parts are swiftly sourced.
Technical Support: Our technical support team is ready to assist with any questions or issues you may have.
System Upgrades: With advancements in technology, consultancy is provided for updating or enhancing existing systems.
Big Bag Filling
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