Pneumatic Conveying for Granules

  Granules in Motion


At VOLDE, we always maintain the highest levels of efficiency and quality in production with our granule pneumatic conveying system, developed for the efficient and precise transportation of LLDP granules used in cable manufacturing facilities. This system ensures the weighed feeding of granules into kneader machines, enhancing the continuity and stability of the production process and supporting operational excellence.


In cable manufacturing facilities, ensuring the accurate and weighed feeding of LLDP granules into the kneader machine is crucial. This system provides the continuous and precise transportation of granules. This precise feeding ensures optimal mixing and homogeneity during granule processing, maximizing panel quality.

  The Grand Meeting with Kneader


LLDP granules stored in two silos are weighed and transferred to two kneader machines via the VACUMATE vacuum conveying system according to the value entered on the operator control panel. This process ensures accurate control of the granule quantities and guarantees the efficiency of the production process.

Pneumatic Conveying for Granules

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At VOLDE, the high efficiency and excellent product quality provided by the LLDP Conveying System in composite panel production facilities help our customers optimize their production processes. This system not only ensures production continuity but also contributes to sustainable production practices.

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