Liquid Tanks

  Liquid Storage Tanks

| VOLDE's wide production range of dosing and recipe automation systems includes liquid tanks made of epoxy coated carbon steel or stainless steel, which are needed by many sectors. These tanks are produced in horizontal or vertical configurations with unique designs, suitable for consumption volumes determined specifically for customer and process needs. While it works in perfect harmony with automation systems thanks to the equipment and sensors on it, it offers effective filling and discharging processes with gear pump, centrifugal pump and diaphragm pump options. It can measure the amount of liquid in its tanks, which can also be equipped with advanced weighing systems, with precision. Not only storage tanks, but also stirred tanks and reactors are manufactured.

The tanks are equipped with level sensors so that users can monitor the amount of liquid inside the tank.

Temperature fluctuations can affect the quality and properties of many substances. For this reason, some tanks are designed with integrated heating or cooling jackets to provide temperature control.

In order to ensure occupational safety, liquid tanks include features such as overfill prevention mechanisms to manage internal pressure, pressure relief valves and grounding systems to prevent electrostatic electricity accumulation.

Liquid Tanks


  • Variable size and capacity
  • Cylindrical or prismatic horizontal and vertical designs
  • Option for insulation to maintain temperature
  • Chemical-resistant and hygienic coatings
  • Customizable mixers and agitators according to need
  • Equipped with sensors for automation



  • Different designs are suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Homogeneous mixing and effective storage enhance product quality.
  • Provide protection against spills and contamination.
  • Facilitates cost savings through bulk storage.
  • Vertical tanks allow significant storage in limited space.
  • Tanks have a long service life with periodic maintenance.
Liquid Tanks

  Mixing Tanks


| Mixer tanks are designed to mix various liquids homogeneously and are used in food, chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many other industries. Products with customized design and functionality are developed according to application needs. Tanks are manufactured from stainless steel or epoxy-coated carbon steel, which has superior resistance to corrosion. Depending on the expected purpose of mixing, tanks have different mixer types such as anchor type, propeller, impeller and disc and are optimized for liquid properties. A wide range of capacity options are provided, from small-scale laboratory tanks to large-scale industrial tanks. Some tank models are equipped with heating or cooling jackets for applications that require contents to be kept at a specific temperature. 

  Liquid Tanks Key Features


| Liquid tanks can be manufactured from a variety of durable materials. Depending on the application, they are manufactured from stainless steel, carbon steel, or carbon steel reinforced with an epoxy coating for additional durability.

Many liquid tanks are used for mixing purposes as well as storage purposes. The mixing mechanism can be a basic anchor or impeller style for simple mixing tasks.

These tanks are designed with efficiency in mind and often feature multiple flanged inlets for filling, emptying, and sampling the stored substance as needed.

Some chemicals or products can release gas, which means ventilation is critically important. Properly designed tanks ensure the safe evacuation of these gases, maintain the integrity of the stored material and ensure safety.

Liquid Tanks
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