Calcite Silo and Conveying

  Perfection in Every Micron


At VOLDE, we aim to support your production process with innovation and high efficiency through our calcite silo and vacuum conveying system developed for thermoform compound production facilities. This system is designed to ensure the effective storage and precise feeding of calcite powder, used in plastic compound production, into the mixer.


Plastic compound production is a delicate process that requires mixing various materials in the correct proportions. To improve the production quality and efficiency of plastic compounds, it is crucial to store calcite powder and feed it into the mixer in the correct proportions and efficiently. Our system ensures the safe storage of coated calcite powder with thicknesses of 1 micron and 5 microns in our silos and its precise feeding into the mixer via a weighed vacuum conveying system.

  High-Efficiency Calcite Conveying


Our system fills coated calcite powder with thicknesses of 1 micron and 5 microns into our 60m³ capacity standing silos from silo trucks. These 60m³ capacity standing silos ensure the preservation and easy accessibility of calcite powder. Our VACUMATE vacuum conveying system, equipped with weighing capabilities and mounted on three mixers, transports the calcite powder to the mixer accurately and precisely in the desired kilogram values. This process is crucial for both the quantitative accuracy and the quality integrity of the calcite used in production.

Calcite Silo and Conveying

  Journey to the Perfect Mixture


For your thermoform compound production facilities, VOLDE offers innovative solutions to help you increase the efficiency of your production processes and improve product quality. Our calcite silo and vacuum conveying system ensures excellence in the production process while developing solutions tailored to your business needs.

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