Mixer Feeding for Liquid Detergent

  The Secret of Homogeneous Mixtures


At Volde, we install liquid detergent mixer feeding systems for accurate dosing of powder and liquid additives in detergent production facilities. Our powder and liquid additive dosing system enhances efficiency and product quality by adding additives to the production tanks in the correct proportions and at the right times. This ensures homogeneous mixtures, improving the quality and efficiency of detergent production processes.


With the liquid detergent mixer feeding system, we ensure the accurate and efficient dosing of powder and liquid additives into the production tanks. This guarantees product quality and homogeneity in detergent production processes.

  Precision in Dosing


Powder additives stored in silos or delivered in big bags are fed into mixing tanks via screw feeders. This process is precisely controlled based on weight information from the tanks, and it ends once the desired dosage is reached. Liquid additives stored in IBCs and barrels are weighed and precisely dosed in a pressurized tank with the help of pump and valve automation. The liquid mixture is then transferred to the desired tank using compressed air, ensuring homogeneity and quality in the final product.

Mixer Feeding for Liquid Detergent

  New Standards in Efficiency


We install liquid detergent mixer feeding systems tailored to each specific need to optimize detergent production processes. Our systems provide reliable dosing, automatic control, and high efficiency in the production process. Industrial detergent production facilities develop customized solutions to ensure the precision and reliability required in detergent production.

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