Gelatin Big Bag Filling

  Efficiency in Every Bag


At Volde, we maximize your production process with our big bag filling systems developed for gelatin and collagen production facilities. This system ensures the precise and efficient filling of high-quality gelatin granules, coming from the crusher in the production line, into big bag sacks.


The goal of this system is to fill gelatin granules into big bag sacks in the most effective and hygienic way. It is essential to accurately and precisely fill the granules, continuously coming from the crusher in the production line, until the specified weight is reached.


  Filling Solutions that Leave Their Mark in Quality


Granules continuously flowing from the crusher are transported to the stock bunker via a cyclone suction system. Based on the kilogram value entered by the user, the granules are filled into a big bag. When the desired weight is reached, the filling automatically stops, and an information barcode for the product is printed. The entire process is designed in accordance with ATEX (Ex-proof) standards, ensuring maximum safety during operation.

Gelatin Big Bag Filling

  Maximum Efficiency with Granule Power


At VOLDE, we enhance your production processes for gelatin and collagen, increasing the efficiency and safety of your operations while maintaining product quality. We set new industry standards and offer innovative solutions by combining technology and engineering expertise, establishing new benchmarks in gelatin and collagen production.


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