Welding Electrode Batch House

  Correct Mixture, Solid Source


At Volde, we address the industry's needs with our recipe-based production systems developed for welding electrode production facilities. This system emphasizes precision and efficiency in welding electrode production by performing automatic dosing based on powdered raw materials.


The automatic dosing system for powdered raw materials in welding electrode production facilities is designed to enhance both the speed and accuracy of production processes. This system ensures high-capacity production capable of simultaneously producing different recipes. High precision in dosing is crucial for the production of various products such as rutile, basic, cellulose electrodes, and submerged arc welding powder. The ability to accurately mix 42 different types of powdered raw materials in the correct proportions is of great importance for consistently achieving the same product quality every time.

Welding Electrode Batch House

  Precise Structure of the Welding Electrode


There are two collection belts in the production facility and these belts are controlled by the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system and have the ability to produce according to different recipes at the same time. Raw materials, which arrive at our facility in big bags and sacks, are first transferred to bunkers for storage. With the high dosing capability provided by FEEDGRAM gravimetric feeders, it is possible to produce different recipes simultaneously on two collection belts. This precise control system aims for excellence in processes that require high capacities and precision production.

Welding Electrode Batch House

  Efficient Mixtures, Strong Bonds


At VOLDE, we offer innovative and customized solutions for your welding electrode production facilities, helping you increase the efficiency of your production processes and improve product quality. With our electrode powder recipe-based production system, we set a new standard in welding electrode production while developing solutions tailored to your business needs.

Welding Electrode Batch House

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