PVC Mixer Feeding

Dry Blend Preparation

We offer turnkey solutions to our customers in mixer automation, which includes feeding products according to the recipe to hot and cold (turbo) mixers operating at high speed, which is at an important point in the process that starts with the arrival of the raw materials to the desired product and continues until they turn into the desired product.
PVC Mixer Feeding

  Operating Principle


Different types and capacities of mixers are used for the automatic and precise feeding of PVC blends into the mixers. The mixers blend PVC, calcite, additives, and liquid stabilizers according to the recipe to obtain the desired compound properties. Automatic gravimetric powder and liquid dosing systems are used to feed the mixers. These systems flawlessly perform the fully automatic formulation preparation process without human intervention. Moreover, the mixtures from the mixers are transferred to the extruders through closed-system extruder feeding systems.

For the efficient operation of the system, mixture levels in the mixers, material weights in the dosing systems, and feeding rates to the extruders are continuously monitored and controlled. This ensures time, labor, and material savings throughout the production process.

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