Latex Production Facility

  The Power Shaping Quality


At VOLDE, we address the needs of the industry by offering tailored solutions for latex production facilities. Our powder and liquid additive dosing system for latex production facilities aims to enhance the efficiency of the production process and improve product quality. This system ensures the precise dosing of powder and liquid additives into latex production tanks, guaranteeing the optimization and quality integrity of your latex production process.


Latex production requires the precise dosing of various powder and liquid additives. Since these additives directly impact product quality, the dosing process is crucial. The goal of our system is to add these additives to latex production tanks in the correct amounts and at the right times, thereby maintaining the homogeneity and quality of latex production at consistently high standards.

  Quality Enhancement with the Power of Additives


Calcite stored in the silo and other powdered materials supplied in big bags are transported to the mixing tanks via screw feeders. The weight sensors in these tanks ensure that the dosing process is stopped once the desired amounts are reached. Liquid additives are taken from IBCs and barrels, weighed in a pressurized tank controlled by a system of pumps and valve automation, and then dosed. This liquid is then transferred to the desired production tank using pressurized air.

Latex Production Facility

  The Rise of Efficiency in Latex


VOLDE provides innovative solutions for latex production facilities, helping to increase the efficiency of your production processes and improve product quality. Our powder and liquid additive dosing system ensures excellence and continuity in the latex production process, developing solutions tailored to your business needs.

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