Tea Blending Plant

  Flavor Harmonized with Technology


As Volde, we would like to tell you about the blending solutions we apply in the tea sector. Our developed tea blending system has the feature of automatically preparing perfect tea blends with the desired characteristics.


Our goal is to build facilities in tea packaging plants that precisely dose the special flavors and aromas that manufacturing companies want to achieve, offering high-quality tea blends. This system ensures the correct mixing of various types of tea, preserving the unique character and richness of the tea in each package.


  Flavors Blended with Precision


Our system stocks a total of 24 different types of tea in large volume bags (big bags). These bags are transported using Webb chain conveyors and then emptied into bunkers. Each type of tea is dosed precisely according to the formula entered into the recipe. The dosed teas fall onto a belt and are transported to the upper floor by bucket elevators. Here, the tea passed through a sieve is filled into packaging silos with the help of moving belt conveyors.

Tea Blending Plant

  The Magic Touch of Tea


As VOLDE, we ensure that our customers achieve the highest standards of products with our tea blending systems. We provide innovative and customized solutions at every stage from project design to installation, establishing turnkey facilities. With our advanced technology and commitment to quality, we set new standards in the tea industry. If you want to achieve excellence in tea blending, discover VOLDE's innovative solutions that support you from the beginning to the end of the project.

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