Tea Blending Plant

We carry out the raw material entry to the process with barcode reading systems, and we introduce the tea that were previously classified in the sorting factories to the system by the operator through the barcode reader in order to prevent operator errors.

After the selection of tea size and silos are determined by the system, we start to prepare the recipe by dosing all types on the collection band at the same time, and we carry out the entire loading process in a controlled manner.

We separate the unwanted dust and coarse materials in the blend that are transferred to the sieving system by means of a bucket elevator from the collecting band, and pass them through the metal detector to the mixers.

After the tea are completed and the related types are uploaded to the web conveyor, we select the full loading mode from the control panel and run the web conveyor.

Thanks to the sensors on the system, we complete the unloading process of the web conveyor, which goes to its predefined location.

Tea Blending Plant
Tea Blending Plant
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