Resin - Adhesive Plant

  Adhesive Solutions with Granule Resin


At Volde, we aim to enhance the efficiency and product quality of your production process with our resin mixer feeding system developed for resin production facilities. This system ensures the effective and safe feeding of resin granules used in adhesive glue production into mixing tanks, allowing your production processes to continue smoothly and securely.


Resin production is a precise and careful process. During the production of adhesive glue, various resin granules need to be fed accurately and safely into the production tanks. The system facilitates the integration of granule resins from bags into the production process, thereby enhancing product quality and production efficiency. The storage, transportation, and mixing of resin granules are carried out in a more efficient and controlled manner.

  Small Granules, Big Differences


Our Resin Mixer Feeding System involves the emptying of three types of granule resins, arriving in 25 kg bags, into bag dumping hoppers. The granules are conveyed to the pipeline via vibro feeders and fed into five production tanks using the VACUMATE vacuum conveying system with weighing. This process allows for the homogeneous mixing of resin granules, thereby enhancing product quality. The entire system is designed in compliance with ATEX directives, ensuring safety even in high-risk environments.

Resin - Adhesive Plant

  A Resin Process Designed with Precision


Our Resin Mixer Feeding System ensures the precision and reliability needed in resin production. By optimizing your production process, our Resin Mixer Feeding System helps you enhance quality while reducing costs. We develop solutions tailored to the needs of your resin production facility, elevating your production to higher levels.

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