Silica and Feldspar Conveying

  High-Quality Component Feldspar for Glass 


At VOLDE, we aim to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your production process with our feldspar pneumatic conveying system developed for glass production facilities. This system ensures the effective transportation of feldspar powder, a crucial part of the flat glass production process, to the blending bunker.


Incorporating feldspar, one of the key components of flat glass production, into the production process requires a high level of precision and efficiency. The system ensures the effective and safe transportation of feldspar powder from the mill to the blending bunker during the glass production processThis system aims to minimize raw material losses while enhancing efficiency and safety in the production processes.

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The feldspar powder, starting at the mill, is transported to the storage bunker via a belt conveyor. Here, the DENSPLUS Dense Phase Conveying System comes into play. This system, starting from the bottom of the bunker, transports the feldspar powder at a capacity of 10 tons/hour to the blending bunker located 85 meters away. During this transportation process, a pipe bridge is used, and potential clogging and wear issues are prevented thanks to the AIRPLUS Support Air System. These two systems work together to ensure high efficiency and safety in the transportation of feldspar powder.

Silica and Feldspar Conveying

  The Smart Way of Feldspar


We offer innovative solutions for your glass production facilities, helping you increase the efficiency of your production processes and improve product quality. Our feldspar pneumatic conveying system ensures the precision and reliability required for uninterrupted and high-quality production in the glass manufacturing process. With this approach, the systems we establish enhance efficiency in flat glass production and reduce operational costs.

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