Feed Additives Silo and Conveying

  Perfect Balance in Every Feed


As VOLDE, we optimize your feed production processes and maximize efficiency with our protein powder silo and conveying systems developed for chicken feed production facilities. This system, designed to ensure the effective and trouble-free filling of the required protein powder into silos, aims to enhance your feed production quality.


Our goal is to ensure the safe and efficient filling of the critically important protein powder into two skirted silos after being delivered via big bags. This system simplifies the management of the protein powder additive, one of the cornerstones of feed production, accelerating your production processes.

  Optimal Filling, Optimal Feed


Two different feed additives, protein powder, delivered to the facility in 1-ton capacity big bags, are filled into two separate storage silos using the DENSPLUS dense phase conveying system. This system offers flexibility with the ability of each unit to fill both silos. Fully automated with the help of sensors, our system maximizes efficiency and reliability.

Feed Additives Silo and Conveying

  Feed Efficiency with Protein Powder


VOLDE offers solutions that meet all the needs of your feed production facilities, taking your feed production to a new level with our protein powder silo and conveying system. Supported by smart sensors and automatic operating principles, our system ensures that your feed production processes are carried out with maximum efficiency.

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