HFFR Compounding

As raw material, ATH (Aluminum Trihydroxide), MgOH (Magnesium Hydroxide) and CaCO3 (Calcite) bigbag unloading units supplied with bigbags; Granular PE (Polyethylene) and EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) supplied with 25 kg plastic bags are drawn from the bag disposal units to the cyclones by vacuum conveying method. In the fully automatic system with level control, the cyclones feed the Gravimetric Feeders (Loss in Weight Feeder) below them in line with the request signals. The feeders feed the pre-set kg/h material to the extruder for each material.

The system works fully automatically by being controlled via an operator panel (touch panel). After the product coming out of the extruder with Underwater Pelletizing cooling system is granulated, it is drawn into the cyclone by vacuum transport method to be filled into bigbag sacks. Bigbag sacks are filled with the desired weight under weighing control, when the filling is finished, the barcode is produced and the process is completed. Open Mouth Bag Filling system is used for products that are to be sold in 25 kg bags according to customer demands.

We provide services in the design, manufacture and automation of the extruder feeding system, which is necessary for the perfect functioning of this entire system.

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