HFFR Compounding

  Halogen-Free Cable Excellence


At Volde, we design and install extruder feeding systems for compound production in your HFFR (Halogen Free Flame Retardant) cable production facilities. This system, specifically developed for halogen-free cable production, ensures the smooth transportation and feeding of raw materials. With VACUMATE vacuum conveying technology and gravimetric feeders, this system provides a continuous flow of materials.


The extruder feeding system in the HFFR compound line ensures the seamless and efficient feeding of raw materials necessary for halogen-free cable production into the extruder. This optimizes material flow during compound production, enhancing production quality.

  The Silent Journey of Raw Materials


ATH, MgOH, WAX, Coupling Agent, EVA, and additive granules arriving in big bags are transported to the bunkers via the VACUMATE vacuum conveying system. These raw materials are discharged from the bunkers based on signals from the gravimetric feeders, ensuring continuous operation of the feeder. This allows the extruder to receive the necessary raw materials continuously, ensuring smooth compound production.

HFFR Compounding

  Efficiency in HFFR Extruder Lines


At VOLDE, our HFFR compound line facilities maximize efficiency and quality in cable production. This system optimizes production processes while providing solutions tailored to our customers' production needs. By developing specialized solutions for cable production, it ensures the accurate and continuous transportation of raw materials to the extruder.

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