Central Feeding for Extruders

  Zero Error with the Feeding System


At VOLDE, we enable continuous and efficient production processes with our Central Extruder Feeding System, which ensures the automatic feeding of powdered raw materials from storage silos to 36 extruders in PVC window profile manufacturing facilities.


The Central Extruder Feeding System is designed to provide seamless and automatic feeding of raw materials to 36 extruders in PVC window profile manufacturing facilities. This system accelerates the production process and minimizes human error, ensuring consistency in product quality.

Central Feeding for Extruders

  Harmony in Production


The system is equipped with VACUMATE vacuum loaders located in both the main and side feeding sections of each extruder. Equipped with a piping system equal to the number of storage silos, the system allows each extruder to draw material from the desired line through camlock connections. This ensures maximum efficiency from the system and operates fully automatically.

Central Feeding for Extruders

  Extruder Network


At VOLDE, we offer Central Extruder Feeding Systems tailored to the specific needs of each customer for PVC window profile facilities. Our systems provide fully automatic control, reliable dosing, and high efficiency in your production process.

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