Big Bag Discharge

Big Bag Discharge Systems are used for dust-free discharge and dosing of all kinds of powder and granular materials from big bags. Big bag unloading system can also be used for accurate dosing when a screw conveyor, rotary valve or slide valve is used at its outlet, or for filling by mounting it on a silo, hopper or mixer. Thanks to its modular system, it is manufactured in accordance with all kinds of options and provides a wide usage and application area. 

The big bag to be unloaded is brought to the system with the help of a forklifter. The bigbag is taken into the chassis with the help of the crane on it. The discharge skirt is connected to the closed mouth unit in the system, ensuring dust-free and leak-proof discharge. After the connection is made, the rope of the skirt is untied and the flow begins. In the meantime, the tension in the system is opened and the skirt is made independent allowing comfortable flow. The pneumatic damper system required for difficult flowing materials is operated to ensure smooth flow and complete emptying of the bag.


Advantages of the System

  • Different size big bags can be used.
  • Weighing can be done with negative weighing method by integration a loadcell.
  • Thanks to the double-walled closed mouth unit, dust-free discharge is provided.
  • It can be easily used by one person.
  • It provides smooth and full discharge in difficult flowing materials.
  • It is modular and does not take up much space.
  • It keeps work safety at the maximum level.
Big Bag Discharge

Pneumatic Conveying with Bigbag

Powder raw materials can be added to the production by different methods from the Big Bag Unloading Unit. Screw conveyor, vacuum conveying or dilute phase pneumatic transport and blower blowing method can be used in systems designed according to the properties of the process as well as the physical properties of the material.

Big Bag Discharge
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