Our Story

Past 20 Years, the Coming Future...

In 2002, we embarked on this journey with the brand Düzlem Proses, and with our renewed brand VOLDE, we continue our path on international stages.

For over 20 years, we have been committed to providing the best service to our valued business partners in the fields of dosing, pneumatic conveying, and process automation with turnkey solutions. We have successfully implemented numerous projects in factories that produce raw materials such as powder, granules, and liquids in various sectors such as plastics, cables, chemicals, detergents, and food. With the quality service we provide in the stages of design, manufacturing, assembly, and commissioning, we have become the leading company in the industry. As Düzlem Proses, we aim to crown the success we have achieved on a national scale with our renewed brand VOLDE on a global scale. This renewal aims to reach wider audiences with our current quality standards while sharing our technological expertise and innovative design approach.

As VOLDE, our commitment to building more innovative, more accurate and more efficient plants will continue.

Because more is possible...

Our Story