Silo Systems

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| VOLDE produces silo systems for the storage of materials in powder and granule form across various sectors of the industry. Silos are designed and manufactured to be specific to each application based on the chemical properties of the materials to be stored and the dimensions of the space available in the factory. They allow for the storage of large amounts of raw materials while occupying minimal space. Silos, made of epoxy-coated carbon steel or stainless steel, are designed in the most suitable volume and configuration according to the chemical properties and consumption quantity of the material to be used. They can be manufactured as welded and single-piece (monolithic) or bolt-connected (modular). Silos are equipped with some accessories and integrated with automation systems to ensure production efficiency and safety. Through these systems, material levels can be monitored, filling and emptying processes can be managed, and interventions can be made when necessary.

Durable, space saving silo systems for secure, quality storage...

Silo Systems


  • Epoxy-coated carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Welded monolithic or bolted modular
  • Dust collection with a jet pulse filter
  • Resistant to vacuum and pressure
  • Explosion-proof cover for Ex-proof materials
  • Moisture removal system for hygroscopic materials
  • Heating and cooling system, insulation
  • Material quantity monitoring with weighing or radar sensors
  • Material discharge with Silo Activator and Fluidizer


  • Occupying minimal space in the factory area
  • Minimal labor required in logistics and operations
  • Low dust, clean environment
  • Communication with ERP systems, enabling inventory control
  • Integration with automation systems
  • Low packaging cost per unit quantity

Silo Systems

  Silo Loading Systems

| Pneumatic conveying is an ideal method for the rapid, safe, and efficient transfer of materials, especially in powdered form, into silos. However, selecting and designing the most suitable system depends on the characteristics of the facility, the properties of the material to be transported, and the conveying capacity.Pneumatic conveying is a fully enclosed system, ensuring a contamination-free and leakage-free transport, unaffected by external environmental factors. The conveying lines can be installed in various directions and angles, providing great convenience for facilities with complex layouts and limited space. Being a closed system, it prevents environmental pollution and dust emissions. Additionally, it aids in protecting the product from contamination. The silo filling pipe, equipped with flaps and sensor systems at the inlet, is the necessary equipment for filling the silo with bulk materials from the silo base. This system, managed by the operator through the control of these components, prevents incorrect material filling.

  Silo Discharge Systems

| SiloCone

VOLDE's in-house manufactured SiloCone bin activator is used to ensure the homogeneous flow of materials with flow problems from silos and bunkers. Such materials do not exhibit free flow due to factors such as compaction, bridging, and segregation. In general, the SiloCone bin activator consists of a steel cone suspended beneath the silo with elastic connections. A vibration motor is mounted on this cone. When the motor is operational, it induces vibrations in the cone, loosening the material to facilitate its flow. The purpose of the SiloCone bin activator is to address clogging issues with dusty materials prone to adhering to silo walls or having challenging flow properties. It also guarantees continuous and reliable material flow, reduces downtime, and minimizes the risks associated with manual interventions.


Silo Systems
Silo Systems

| EasyFlow

VOLDE's in-house manufactured EasyFlow fluidizer cone is used to facilitate the emptying of high-capacity silos containing materials with flow issues. Connected to the silo via a flange, the cone features an aerator that introduces air into the silo at a pre-determined pressure and flow rate, ensuring a homogeneous flow. EasyFlow fluidizer cone consists of a steel cone, air preparation unit and air control unit. It is used for silo discharge with a number of aerators determined based on the silo's volume and is also employed as a Pneumatic Blender, provides excellent mixing results. Since no mechanical agitator is used during the mixing process, material breakage is minimized.

  Silo Equipments


Silo Top Filter: A filter that operates in a jet pulse manner, preventing the dispersion of dust particles into the air during silo filling. This helps prevent air pollution and material loss.

Pressure Safety Valve: Used as a preventive measure against potential clogging in the filter during silo filling. It releases pressure within the silo to prevent potential hazards.

Silo Discharge Equipment: To ensure the proper discharge of material from the silo and prevent blockages, silo activators, fluidizers, or air pads are used, depending on the flow characteristics of the material.

Level Measurement: Equipment that provides information about the quantity of material inside the silo. They can either provide a simple full-empty signal or be sensors that display the current material quantity in real-time, depending on the need. Weighing systems are used for more precise information requirements.
Silo Systems
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