Installation and Commissioning

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Installation Service

 With our expert assembly team; We install the high-tech full automation systems and equipment we have implemented in an accurate and fast manner and make the system ready for operation. For this;

  • We do the mechanical and electrical assembly of the facility with our own experienced team,
  • We are shooting pipelines in pneumatic conveying systems,
  • We provide supervisor service when necessary for the project,
  • We do the wiring of all electrical equipment in the facility according to the appropriate standards,
  • We organize and manage all the lifting equipment necessary for the installation of the system,
  • We prepare daily / weekly progress and assembly reports.


Commissioning Service

 After the assembly is completed, we perform mechanical and electrical tests on the system, first without material and then with material, and we ensure that the system works completely and without any problems. For this;

  • We perform signal tests and calibrations of the equipment in the facility that has been assembled,
  • We perform trial productions and performance tests after the parameters are loaded,
  • We provide training to the operator and maintenance personnel regarding use and maintenance,
  • We prepare the user manuals, install the necessary licenses and certificates,
  • We deliver the system without any problems, with the performance we promised.
Installation and Commissioning