PVC and Calcite Silo Systems

  Secrets Hidden in Silos


As VOLDE, we aim to increase the efficiency of your production process and product quality with the PVC and calcite silo systems we have developed for your PVC compound production facilities. It has been developed to manage compound production processes by ensuring safe and efficient storage of PVC and calcite.


The PVC and calcite powders used in the production of PVC compounds need to be stocked in a safe and organized way in order to integrate them seamlessly into the production process. These systems guarantee that the raw materials are fed into the production lines in the right quantities and on time.

  Fully Automatic Stocking


Calcite arriving to the plant by silobase is directly pressed into silos. PVC powder arriving by big bag is filled into silos with DENSPLUS dense phase conveying system using FREEBAG system. All silos are equipped with filters, pressure relief valves and level sensors necessary for automation. In this way, the stockpiling process is managed fully automatically and the raw materials are fed to the production lines accurately and without interruption.

PVC and Calcite Silo Systems

  Efficiency with PVC and Calcite


At VOLDE, we ensure high productivity and excellent product quality in PVC compound plants with our PVC and Calcite Silo System. Our systems ensure fully automatic control, reliable dosing and high efficiency in production processes.

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