PVC & Calcite Silo Systems


Automatically incorporating the main raw materials used in the plastic compound production plant by stocking them.


For the compound production, silos with a volume of 80m3 have been constructed in the external area of the factory for the main raw materials, PVC and calcite. The DensPlus dense phase conveying system has been used to fill the silos with PVC and calcite obtained with Big Bag. With the VacuMate vacuum conveying system, feeding of these raw materials onto the extruder or mixer has been achieved, complying with the specified amounts in the recipe.

For the efficient use of the system, radar level sensors or load cell applications have been implemented to monitor the weights of the raw materials in the silos.

PVC & Calcite Silo Systems

  Working Principle


The volume of the silos to be used is calculated based on the production capacity of the facility, and silos of appropriate size and quantity are manufactured. It is important to consider all varieties of the same raw material with different particle sizes. PVC and calcite obtained with a Big Bag are loaded into the FreeBag big bag unloading system. From here, it is transferred to the silos with the DensPlus dense phase conveying system. Thanks to the high capacity of the DensPlus system, the filling process takes place quickly. The amount of the loaded material is monitored with level indicators in the silos.

The dosing system is operated with PLC-controlled SCADA. The amount of PVC and calcite entered in the recipe is automatically weighed and fed to the mixer with the VacuMate system. While PVC and calcite are weighed with the same system in some applications, they can be weighed with different two systems in some applications. This speeds up production and also reduces the risk of contamination.

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